Krešimir Vuković

Ambrose College

I am Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at LMU Munich.

My primary research interests are ancient religions and mythologies, which I've been teaching to many audiences across the world, from Japan to UK and USA.

I did my doctorate in Classics at the University of Oxford with a thesis on the Roman foundation myth and the festival of the Lupercalia (2015). I was then lecturer at Oxford Classics (2015-17), and Rome Fellow of the British School at Rome (2017/18).

I also have a strong research interest in environmental humanities and ecocriticism which I believe is essential and can provide valuable lessons for current ecological crises.

I published widely on these topics in journals and edited volumes (OUP, CUP). I have recently finished a book on the Roman festival of the Lupercalia from a comparative perspective, on the role of non-human animals in Rome's most enduring festival (Wolves of Rome, Walter de Gruyter, 2022).

I have organized several conferences and workshops in the UK, Italy and Croatia, Germany, and Greece. I have acted as a consultant on a number of research projects and for Time magazine.




DPhil (=PhD), Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

University of Oxford



Master of Arts (M.A.), Classics and English

University of Zadar


Humboldt Fellow

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München


Postdoctoral Fellow

Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište - Catholic University of Croatia


Postdoctoral Researcher

The British School at Rome



Oriel College, University of Oxford


Instructor in Ancient Greek and Latin

University of Oxford